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My favorite scenes from "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!"

A picspam of my favorite scenes from Gossip Girl's episode "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!". Made forpicspammy 's 8th challenge: Scenes and Sequences.

Scene 1

Blair: I mean, who gets wasted on thanksgiving?
Serena: The holidays are lonely for people, I wanted to keep them company. Whoo hoo!
Blair: Your mom is freaking out, so my mom is freaking out!
Serena: What? Which means you freak out? Blair just cut the cord, go nuts, come on let's do shots! Come on!
Blair: I told Lily that you were buying a pie.
Serena: Ooh, pie!
Blair: Where is your purse?
Serena: Uhh my purse?
Blair: Oh, great alright. You stay here, okay?! I'm gonna go look. Don't drink or hit on anything.


Dan: The pie has been secured, Thanksgiving no longer needs to be canceled. Uhn.. Hey mom, you know, I need to go. I'm sorry, bye. Oh, man...
Dan: Hey ex-excuse me, do you need like a crossing guard or... a cab, maybe?
Serena:Ohh, pie...
Dan: More like road kill now but uh, better it than you right?

Dan: I'm Dan Humphrey.
Serena: Hi!
Dan: Look, you should be more careful.
Blair: And you need to keep your hands off of her!
Serena: Blair!!
Blair: Trying to take advantage of her on the Holidays. Come on, let's go Serena.
Serena: Bye, Dave!
Dan: Bye... Bye Serena.

Scene 2

Harold: I see we have extra help.
Blair: Yes. Well, Serena is spending thanksgiving with us this year.
Harold: Ahh.. Happy to have you, my dear.
Serena: Woooooh!

Harold: Nate, the Great!
Nate: So, what'd I miss?
Harold: Hmm. Nothing. We're about to witness the return of Sober Serena!
Serena: Nate!!
Nate: Oh, no.. Oh, no!
Harold: Maybe not. Sweetie, would you take her upstairs, put her in the bath before your mother gets wind of this whole situation?
Blair: What, and leave you all alone? Thanksgiving is our thing! Nate, can you please take care of her? Pleeease?!
Nate: I will. Come on!

Scene 3

Alisson: Just in time! But I thought you were gonna bring a pie.
Dan: I did, but they kinda got run over by a taxi as I was trying to help this girl stay out off traffic.
Alisson: Oh, well, who needs desert when we have a real life hero. Your brother just saved a girl!
Jenny: I thought you had to be near a girl for that to happen.
Dan: Not just any girl. The girl!
Jenny: Oh, the blond you stalk at school?
Dan: Just the one!
Alison: A thing for blonds? You are you're father's son.
Dan: Not just any blond. Apparently, I like the ones who get drunk on Thanksgiving and almost die.
Alison: Well, you're dad liked them dangerous and troubled, too. So?
Dan: You were dangerous?
Alison: Who said I was talking about me?

Scene 4

Serena: I don't want a bath.
Nate: Aw, too bad, Blair's direct orders.
Serena: Blair's not the boss of me.
Nate: Are you in here? Because Blair is the boss of all of us. Seriously, Serena, you smell like the floor of a brewery.
Serena: I do not!
Nate: Yes, you do.
Serena: Oh, my God. Yes, I do.
Nate: Yeah.
Serena: A brewery floor with a hint of second hand smoke.
Nate: And a pint of Old Spice.
Serena: I totally need a bath.
Nate: Yes, you do.
Serena: Blair's a bossy genius.
Nate: Yeah, she is.
Serena: (using the shower head as a mic) So, what about you?
Nate: What about me? I don't smell like an ashtray.
Serena: But you look like an ass-tray!!
Nate: Serena, stop! Stop! Stop! Serena, stop! What's wrong with you??
Serena: Oh!
Nate: Ahh!
Serena: No! Stop it! Nate! Stop it!
Blair: What are you guys doing?!?

Scene 5

Blair: Easy. Take a seat, honey!
Serena: How do I smell now?
Nate: You smell fantastic, but you might not want to keep asking people about that.
Harold: Serena, you look wonderful. That shirt was made for you.
Serena: Actually, it was made for you!
Harold: I knew there was I reason I liked it. Yours too, I see.
Serena: And moore!
Harold, Blair and Nate: No, no, no, no!!

Scene 6

Nate: Good night, sweetheart.
Blair: Good night.
Lily: Happy Thanksgiving, Blair. I'm looking for my daughter. Where's my little girl?
(Blair points to sleeping Serena)
Lily: Too much turkey?
Blair: Unhum...

Scene 7

Alisson: Are you still thinking about your dream girl?
Dan: Uhn.. What? No! No, no. I'm thinking about... your stuffing, mom. Which looks delicious!
Alisson: Yeah..
Rufus: Your stuffing!
Jenny: Well, keep dreaming. Maybe one day she'll actually know your name!
Dan: Yeah, maybe. And then I'll have something to be thankful for.
Jenny: Oh, shut up!


 I made the screencaps. Don't use for anything, edit, etc.  :)

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